Access to the IFMA Worldwide Knowledge Base

For thirty years, IFMA has been compiling information about best practices worldwide in the facility management arena. You can have access to this knowledge on-line, in print or person-to-person in your own office. Nowhere else can you find so much information so directly relevant to your own business.

On-Site Training

IFMA can provide a wide range of training programs to you on-site.

  • Learn fundamental facility management practices that affect your job on a daily basis.
  • Learn in a comfortable environment with the support and encouragement of your peers.
  • Little or no travel, as courses are delivered directly to you by an IFMA instructor.
  • Choose a program that best suits your organization’s needs. Sign up for whichever course you need under the competency of your choice (courses do not have to be taken in sequential order).
  • Attendees receive CEU credit and/or CFM Maintenance points and a certificate of completion from IFMA.

IFMA can deliver any of the courses listed below directly to you!

  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Human & Environmental Factors
  • Leadership & Management
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Planning & Project Management
  • Quality Assess & Innovation
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • The Business of FM
  • Emergency Preparedness in the Built Environment
  • CFM Exam Review

IFMA also offers a broad curriculum of government-specific courses.

On-line Archives

IFMA offers a treasure house of archived data, forum discussions and FAQs for Council and CoP members. On-line issue briefs are available on many topics, and you’ll find key links to many other on-line resources.

Our advocacy section holds articles on governmental relations, policy papers and more links to key governmental sites.


IFMA publishes the excellent monthly Facility Management Journal, both on-line and in paper if you choose. We also publish an on-line blog (FM Alert) and podcast (FJM Unscripted) dealing with topical issues.

Publications1IFMA conducts a variety of research programs that serve to strengthen the knowledge and skills of FM professionals while advancing the FM profession itself. From industry surveys to forecasting to best practice forums, IFMA’s research department draws on the practices and opinions of FM professionals and educators, covering topics vital to the day-to-day operations of facility professionals and the built environment in general. Whether the focus is on industry averages, benchmarking statistics, or the latest on trends in the workplace, IFMA is an information leader for the FM profession. These and many other industry publications are available from the IFMA on-line store:

  • Operations and Maintenance Benchmarks, Research Report
  • Distributed Work, Research Report
  • Benchmarks V Annual Costs
  • 2009 Energy Efficiency Indicator
  • Sustainability Task Force Report
  • Public Policy Initiatives Report
  • Strategic Facility Planning: A White Paper
  • Facility Management Forecast
  • Asset Lifecycle Model for Total Cost of Ownership Management