Local Programs & Events


September 21 – Engaged Employees

October 19 – Safety – EMR

November 16 – Regional Growth Partnership

December 8 – Annual Holiday Party

January 18 – Energy Evaluations

February 15 – Building Life Cost Cycle

March 15 – What is a Master Plan?

April 26 – Environmental Concerns – Mold/Water/Air

May 17 – Risk Management


Sponsorships are also available to members who which to support the chapter by providing lunch for attendees of a program.  Each sponsor has the opportunity to speak to the audience about their company and the products and/or services they provide.  The sponsor also has a chance to hold the program at their facility with the possibility of  offering a tour.  If holding the event at their facility is not feasible, they can arrange to have the program at another facility, perhaps at a past project site.  The possibilities are endless for our members to promote their company or organization.  For more information on sponsorship opportunities, click here.