Professional Advancement Possibilities

Job Openings

IFMA’s JOBnet maintains a listing of facility management and related jobs nationwide. You can also post your own anonymous resume or search resumes from other professional facility managers on-line.INTERNnet offers the same on-line services for companies seeking interns or future FM professionals seeking internship in their chosen profession.

Continuing Education

FM Career Framework

IFMA offers a comprehensive framework which includes all of the career advice and activities you need to advance and enrich all stages of your FM career.

What You Need to Build a Successful FM Career: Basic FM Knowledge

We have identified the nine areas critical to the knowledge base of facility managers. These nine competencies are the building blocks of the educational opportunities we offers.

Overall Career Competence

The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and abilities of practicing facility managers. As the only global facility management certification available, the CFM integrates the broad knowledge-base of the nine competencies with the work experience of seasoned FM professionals.

IFMA is committed to enhancing the stature and influence of the facility management profession and will continue to develop career-related tools, focusing on the needs of professionals at all career levels. By providing certification and recognition opportunities to FM professionals, we not only enhance your professional career, but the reputation of the facility management profession as a whole.


IFMA offers a variety of opportunities to explore and expand your knowledge related to the specific area of FM that you practice. Our councils meet your industry-specific networking and information needs, providing opportunities for interaction that transcend chapter and regional boundaries.

IFMA’s research department also provides you with best practice forums throughout the year. These forums are unique in that the participants provide all of the material for discussion, allowing knowledge sharing, networking and formation of benchmarking partnerships.

Leadership and Legacy Building

Participation and demonstration of your leadership qualities in a variety of IFMA activities enhances your standing in the FM community and contributes to the education and development of your peers. You can volunteer to be a chapter or council leader, use your expert knowledge to present at IFMA’s summits and conferences or become an IFMA instructor. In addition, you can mentor FM students through our recognized programs and FMP/CFM mentoring opportunities.

Where is Your Career Now and What Does the Future Hold?

IFMA’s professional development department can assist you in assessing your current career, help you develop as an FM professional and enhance your career in the future. If you are seeking a credential or designation, or you are looking to transition to FM from another career or within the facility profession, we have the tools and information to put you on the right track.

Professional Certification

Facility Management Professional Certification

IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation is a knowledge-based credential demonstrating a proven comprehension of the basics of facility management. A springboard for obtaining certification, the FMP designation will help to accelerate an FM’s transition into the profession.

Are you ready to be an FMP?

We recommend that those planning to participate in the FMP program meet one of the following criteria:

  • Facility management practitioners with less than five years of experience
  • Transitioning professionals with significant experience in former related careers
  • Partner practitioners such as architects, designers and safety engineers
  • Associated corporate providers of FM products and services
  • Students entering the profession from colleges, universities, certificate or technical programs
The Road to Recognition is a Rewarding Experience

By completing the FMP, you will have successfully pursued the educational curriculum necessary to obtain the designation, building your skills, and broadening your knowledge and professional networks.
Pursuing an educational and skill-building program such as the FMP shows great dedication to advancing your proficiency and value to your organization. IFMA understands that you have a challenging daily work schedule, so we have designed the Online Learning Center to include the courses you need to meet the FMP credit requirements.

Certified Facility Manager

The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge andabilities of practicing facility managers. IFMA’s CFM program was the first, and is still the only globally recognized designation in facility management. IFMA’s certification process is designed to assess competency in the field through work experience, education and the ability to pass a comprehensive exam. Since the program began in 1992, more than 3,100 facility managers from 32 countries have achieved this prestigious recognition.


The CFM Exam is competency-based, testing what a person can do compared to standards that define the practice of facility management. The goals of IFMA’s certification program are:

  • Assure professional excellence
  • Establish standards for global professional practice
  • Promote the added value of the profession
  • Influence the future direction of the profession